Whether we work with clients or consumers, we all need to stay creative in today’s crowded market. We can only do this by combining our knowledge of the latest industry trends with inspiring experiences that push the boundaries of our own thinking. This is what Branding Over Tea is all about.

Finding unusual and inspiring parallels that foster creativity

Expanding know-how and staying up-to-date

Creating and sharing surprising experiences

Spicing up the “usual” conference or workshop experience

The Event

Experience how this year’s branding themes are unveiled by the secrets of the Chinese tea ceremony.

Amidst today’s technology race and innovation chase, branding remains an art crafted by time, attention, and value. It stands as a beacon for what was, what is, and what will be the most effective form of differentiation and connection.

We’ve partnered with FutureBrand, Pearlfisher, SomeOne, Mr President, and Spafax to create a branding event inspired by the Chinese tea ceremony, a tradition dedicated to patience, detail, and quality. Enjoy a bespoke menu, decorated lounge, 6 tea tastings, and live music, all while hearing some of London’s creative leaders draw the parallels between multiple tea traditions and the key branding themes of 2017.

As the speakers tell the tale, you will be served with Chinese-inspired canapes – exclusively crafted for this event – and a multitude of fresh teas brewed by our tea sommelier. Each tea is different and requires a certain amount of attention, similar to the brands that we work with.



  • Welcome Cocktails
  • 14.00

  • Unveil and experience the incredible parallels between the newest branding trends and their tea ceremony counterparts.
  • 14.30 – 17.45
  • Enjoy 6 special tea ceremony rules and 6 inspiring speakers.
  • Open discussions allow you to get involved and exchange insightful experiences with speakers and attendees alike!

  • More Cocktails & Networking
  • 17.45

Branding Over Tea, the first simultaneous branding and tea infusion!
Our June event may have ended, but you can still follow us for upcoming Branding Over Tea events around the world


Leaders in branding themselves, our speakers take you on a unique journey through 6 tea essentials and their relation to branding’s core principles.

Tom Adams

  • Global Head of StrategyFUTUREBRAND WORLDWIDE

Attitude and authenticity mean everything.

Jack Hart

  • Strategic Business DirectorPEARLFISHER

Don’t forget the ambiance around the interaction.

Simon Manchipp

  • Executive Strategic Creative Director & FounderSOMEONE

The technique needs to be perfect.

Laura Jordan-Bambach

  • Creative PartnerMr. President

Tea selection is highly important, both physically and spiritually.

Tullia Vitturi di Este-Lochra

  • Head of international & Luxury salesSPAFAX

Water selection needs special attention.

Flavia Barbat

  • Editor-in-ChiefBRANDINGMAG

The necessary tools are both practical and beautiful.

The Hosts

For any further information or for detailing your participation (e.g., notifying us of any food preferences or allergies as soon as you’ve confirmed your attendance), contact us at:

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Their specialty is creating unique and bespoke experiences inspired by tea cultures all over the world.